When You Found Love in Cyberspace

          Love. It is a word that is believed by almost every human in this world. Moreover, it is believed that love is the way to happiness. Many people find love to find the happiness they deserve in this world. There are many definitions of this word and each definition varies depending on how it is experienced or grasped. I, as a human being, also provide a definition of this word. My experience will elaborate more on how I found this definition of love through the use of the internet; a realm for human beings wherein anonymity is possible, a universe where not all five senses can be able to perceive.

According to scholars, reality is what the five common senses can perceive. Something is real when you can see it, feel it, touch it, smell it, or even taste it. Those that go beyond these senses are not real—or maybe more than real. However, there are things that do not meet these criteria. Just like God, who is very impossible to be seen, felt, touched, smelled, and tasted. Many believe in Him even though nobody has ever experienced God. Just like God, love, in general is indeed transcendent to reality. Love is an abstract feeling but it is real. In relation to love, cyberspace is also real but goes beyond what is known to be real. Nobody can touch it, see it literally, touch it, smell it, or taste it. It is a world where humans interact without requiring their physical presence to interact with one another. In fact, it is an amazing reality because there are things that cannot be expressed in the reality that can be expressed in cyberspace. There are people out there who cannot show off their real talents in person but they are able to show it in cyberspace. In cyberspace, relationship and trust can still be present even in the reality. In other terms, what exists in cyberspace can also exist in the reality. It is another way to connect reality and people and relationships.

When I was new to cyberspace, I never thought I could meet other people like me. I thought I was alone and that I am different from everyone else. I found same souls in cyberspace, and it was indeed a very amazing experience. Without cyberspace, it would be difficult for me or even impossible for me to find the people I want to talk to. Cyberspace is the easiest access to talk or mingle with the people who can listen to you and share the same interests to you. My first ever encounter with the cyberspace was with the site called Friendster. At first, I was not that active in cyberspace. I did not take it seriously since cyberspace was not that wide back then. Until Facebook came together with Twitter and many other social networking sites. I met several friends online and I thought at first that they were all fake since we just met through the net. As years pass by, I realize how real these online friends are. They are still there for me whenever I need them. Our connections were not cut or hindered by any other means. Sometimes I think that cyberspace is better than the reality because the bonds are stronger in cyberspace than in reality. Moreover, the reality provides limited people and relationships. Sometimes you just have to deal with the same people and choose from what is available in your environment. For me, cyberspace is wider and more exciting than reality. They are two separated worlds but somehow, they are interlinked with each other, forming a connection in order to make something more real.

When I found love in cyberspace, I never thought it would be real. I was not taking it seriously at first; laughing at it for as long as I could since my mindset back then was love could not exist in this kind of realm—or if ever it could, it could not go beyond cyberspace; it will just stay there until it dies slowly when the connection fades.

I was wrong. Sayings are right. Love is everywhere, conquering everyone. Cyberspace is a possible place for love to dwell on. You could still see right through a person’s mind even in cyberspace. There was an anime I have seen which said that the feeling in virtual world is real too and that it is not artificial but rather natural. I felt it too. I felt what the character said.

Reality and Cyberspace

Figure 1 Reality and Cyberspace parallel to each other
Figure 1 Reality and Cyberspace parallel to each other

         In the figure above, it shows that the realm of reality and cyberspace are parallel universes of each other. It reflects what happens on the other. Therefore, those that exist in reality can also exist in cyberspace. Just like love, that is a kind of feeling that connects people and the world. It is possible to feel love and affection in cyberspace even the physical presence of one another is absent. There is an element that will suffice this absence which is the virtual presence of one another.

For me, cyberspace is the parallel universe of reality because it reflects what is happening in reality. Moreover, it can also show some opposition that exists in reality; for example, a timid girl in person yet famous in cyberspace for uploading her videos. This simply states that cyberspace is not an ideal place where people can just fool around with strangers and cannot make real emotions and true emotions. At first, people are scared to show their real identity in cyberspace because they are aware of the fact that cyberspace is a vast arena for cyberbullies and victims. In addition, they want to conceal their identities first to protect themselves from the incognitos they interact with online; but if they started to get to know one another, they would gradually show who they really are—with the feelings they have and ideas they wanted to share. I too believe that attachment is very possible in cyberspace. In what happened to me, I felt intense sadness when the one I was talking to said goodbye. It felt like my world was going to fall down on me. I never felt that sadness before. I even came to the point of wanting more of the cyber presence of that person. I never thought I would be that attached to that stranger I just met online. When I realized it at first, I was laughing at myself because I thought I was too shallow to get emotionally attached to that particular person yet I never met him in person. Maybe it was because we humans look down to the technology we have. We feel that we are superior to the things that are operated by microchips and programs. Now that I experienced that, my mind was completely open to any possibilities in cyberspace. It is human interaction after all, just in a different way. Unexpectedly, the love I felt in cyberspace existed even in the reality. By seeing him in person, being able to directly interact with the physical presence of the person I am attached to, nothing changed. My feelings for him remained the same. Our souls only met in cyberspace but that did not limit us to meet personally.

Cyberspace is indeed a powerful type of universe. You can meet almost all types of person you can imagine. It is a place where the world has become smaller in order to make different people meet. People must not underestimate the power of cyberspace because it is an environment created by real people to interact with real people.

Let us always keep in mind that it’s not only our fingers typing and clicking work in cyberspace but also our heart and mind. Everything can be real in cyberspace once everyone is willing to be real. Like the world, cyberspace too has some danger. We must also take some advices in cyberspace the way we apply quotes in our real lives; two different worlds but only one goal in hand—happiness in existence.


DLSU No Impact Experiment (Eco- Awareness)

Eco awareness month 

The experiment that my university conducted was a success for me. In fact, I was expecting something like that when I first entered my school. I am a person who wanted to contribute to the environment because I know that I will benefit from it too when I practice small steps on how to be eco-friendly.


The activities that are introduced in the experiments were easy for me since I have been practicing them daily. It was a fun thing to do as well when I took pictures if myself doing those activities because I can record my activities and remember it. the when I took the online pre-experiment survey, I find it familiar with my activities because like I said, I am used to do those simple stuff. After accomplishing all the activities, I took the post experiment survey and realized that there are things that I did not know before. I became more aware of my actions and surroundings. Before, I do not notice how wasteful I was in using water especially when I was brushing my teeth or taking a bath. Moreover, I was delighted to say that I became a part of the big change pioneered by the university.


My first picture shows my hand turning off the switch of the light that was not in use. I realized that it consumes great amount of electricity so it is advisable to turn off the lights that are not in use. My second picture shows recycled paper bag from a store. Instead of using plastic for my belongings, I preferred to use paper bags so that I can use them again or if they are not useful anymore, I can dispose it in the biodegradable section. The third picture shows me (hehe) walking instead of taking jeepneys or pedicabs. i personally like walking because it serves as my daily exercise. The fourth picture shows me throwing the trash I saw in the hallway of my dorm. I did not mind if it was not mine. It was easy. All I needed to do was to pick it up and throw it in the trash bin just outside the room. Next is the water tumbler. Instead of buying bottled water that can contribute to the consumption of plastic, I preferred to bring my own tumbler in school so that I can refill it whenever I want. Next is the healthy food. Mixed veggies with egg is the best option in eco awareness month! It is not only yummy but healthy as well! The last picture on the lower corner is me resting in the last day of the experiment, the eco-sabbath day. It was the best day ever since I freed myself from stress and anxiety.


The experiment was so much fun! I realized that I can make a change even in the smallest way. It can contribute to the larger scale and I also realized that I must not stop doing it. eco-awareness week must be every week!

Social Justice Talk

Theresa Yuchengco Auditorium
Theresa Yuchengco Auditorium


The title of the lecture I listened to by Laureen Velasco was “The Dynamics between Individual Integrity, Sense of Shame, Moral Turpitude and Social Justice”. The lecture was about social justice particularly in Japan.

It mainly focused on ethical values practiced in Japanese culture and how it emanated in the society. The lecturer started the lecture by stressing the tragedy that happened in Japan a few years ago. It was during the time when Japan was stroke by a very string tsunami. It devastated a large region of the country, and caused a huge number of casualties. It talked about the relationship of justice and human beings. It stressed that the source of justice is the kind of people we are and the quality of beings (Velasco, 2014). Moreover, it was discussed that justice needs people’s honesty, personal integrity, and sense of shame. These elements compose justice. Each one of them is very essential especially in defining how deep and legitimate justice is. Aside from that, society was also mentioned as the framework against which we show our true selves to ourselves and to other beings as well.

The example given in the lecture was even the ground was shaking, the Japanese people still maintained to fall in line while waiting for the bus. They stated that if they panic, it would be more chaotic so they stayed on the line and waited for their turns to ride the bus. How disciplined these people were. Another case was when a mother stole a can of infant formula in a convenient store. Even if she stole it, she left a note wherein her full name and address were written. Aside from that, she also included a message saying that she was very sorry for stealing the product but she would definitely pay for it when everything went back to normal. According to Plato, Justice is the good and the beautiful. It was simply because justice is a very important element in the society wherein goodness is practiced, and therefore, creating a beautiful community for the people to live in. it was explained in the lecture that what heavily shapes the life of Japanese is the very existence of others who mutually give and take their space and with trust as the foundation of one’s respect. Watsuji’s meaning of man as ‘ningen’ was also featured in the lecture. According to him, ningen means an individual and subjective communal existence as well. Furthermore, it is also both an individual and in relation at the same time. This definition also has a counterpart in Western context. According to Marcus and Kitayama, the interdependent self is defined as seeing oneself as part of an encompassing social relationship. These two terms were defined to give acknowledgement to an individual as a part of the society. An individual does not only have to function for himself/herself but rather function productively for the common good.

Justice on the other hand is considered not to be much of a religious/moral or a legal matter but instead existential. It was existential because after all justice exists because of humans. In fact, it confronts man anytime anywhere. In addition, actions done by individuals are not merely individual actions per se. it is rather social action since it affects the relationship of the doer to others.

It has been told that the ability of the Japanese people to build trust and ethical values to their fellow neighbors is viewed as an essential character as they acknowledge the belief that an individual is inseparable to his/her society. Moreover, the Japanese morality is not an advocate through conscious obedience to abstract principles but rather an emotional commitment of people to others.

However, even if this morale is existing in the Japanese community, it does not immediately mean that there is no crime or sins in Japan. It only emphasizes the idea that it is innate to the Japanese people that there is emotional commitment to one another and that their society is bound to every individual in the community.



Having been able to listen to the lecture where social justice is presented as the main topic, I was fascinated and at the same time motivated. The examples discussed in the lecture especially on the lecture by Laureen Velasco were amazing. I admire how the Japanese people interact with one another. It is not surprising why their country is a prosperous and peaceful place to live in. their ethical concerns with one another is the basic foundation of their progress. They do not think of themselves directly. They always think about their actions for the whole society. They decide depending on what the outcomes will be for their community. I remembered one example from the lecture wherein Japanese officials or even leaders of private companies punish themselves whenever they commit mistakes or selfish actions. They do believe that they deserve punishment once their actions affect the common good in a negative way.

If the Japanese people can do it, like making discipline and respect very natural in their society, we can also do it. If we can do it, we can solve many problems in our country because I believe that the causes of these problems are lack of discipline and respect. One action can be spread and can create a very big change in the society. Just like what the famous saying states, “do unto other what you want others do unto you.” and yes, it goes that way. Once you respect the people around you, most likely they will respect you back. As stated on the lecture, society is bound to everyone in the community. Society is what we make of it. If we are able to adjust our society to make it better, we can.

Moreover, I do believe that we have the potential to be like the Japanese because the “bayanihan” value is present in our society. We help one another in times of needs; we count on one another in times of tragedies. it is never too late in our country to make this happen. I want to be part of the change that is why I respect everyone around me so they will respect me too.

Where am I in Cyberspace?

Where am I in Cyberspace?

The generation today is what we call the digital era. Everyone has access to cyberspaceby different means like cellphone, smartphone, computer, tablets, and the like. People connect to the internet not only to have some fun or to get to know other stuff but also to create their online presence. Everyone can be anyone when dealing with the cyberspace. You can create a new you in cyberspace. Moreover, you can discover other things about you that you haven’t discovered in the real world.

My map is full of flying air balloons because for me, air balloons are the symbol of happiness and freedom. When you are in an air balloon, you might be able to see the world in a larger scope. Like cyberspace, you can also perceive the world in a wider scope. Everything is available online. The map I did was full of social networking sites where I exist. My most visited site is Facebook. I can access all my friends (virtual or real) through Facebook and even school stuff. It is followed by Youtube because I like watching funny and helpful videos for school and other recreational stuff. It is followed by Instagram where I post pictures of myself and my friends. Not only that, I can also see other pictures. The next one will be Twitter. I find it cool to say what you feel through limited number of characters. Then the next one will be Tumblr, since I like reading blog posts from different people online. Chatango comes next because I like watching anime and I discovered Chatango from the website where I stream animes online. There, I can find other people who love anime too and who suggest good animes to watch. Google is also an important website for me since it is my primary search engine and its Google Drive is very helpful in my studies. Aside from Google, Yahoo too is a helpful site for educational purposes because there are subjects where Yahoo! Groups is required. I can access files, announcements, and other posts in Yahoo. Whenever I feel sad and I feel like I got no one to talk to, I go to Omegle to tell problems and stories in Omegle. In this website, you and a stranger are connected in order to get to know each other and to exchange different stories. It is fun but also dangerous since you don’t know who you are talking to so it is better to keep private information while on this website. Whenever I am bored and tired of browsing sites I already know, I go to Stumbleupon. It is an amazing website that brings you to websites that catch your interests.

These websites are my entertainment and they are my means of showing my virtual presence online. I can say that I cannot live without these outlets. These websites are now part of me since my virtual presence is also an essential part of myself. I would like to take care of my virtual presence because in this generation, your identity is also reflected in the cyberspace.

Avatar Movie Reflection

                The film we watched was Avatar which was directed by the world renowned director James Cameron. It was all about a different planet called Pandora where the Navi people live. Jack Sully, a former marine continued the legacy of his late brother Tom Sully in order to deal with the Navi people. He used the avatar as a Navi person in order to communicate with the tribe. There, he found himself amazed of the world of Pandora and its people. There he met Neytiri, the daughter of the leader of the tribe who helped him adjust and learn the way of living in Pandora.

I find the film very interesting since James Cameron himself was proud to say that he studied the effects he used in the film for 20 years. It was very amazing because the effects seemed very realistic. Aside from that, the plot was also a one of a kind storyline. It was not a clichéd type of film and the characters were unique too. The film was not only entertaining. In fact, it has a lot of philosophical interpretations; philosophical ideas that are related to humans. The way people value themselves and their identity was shown in the film. In the film, it showed that the Navi people were more humane than the real humans. As we could recall from the movie, the people in the ship were not considerate. As Jake realizes how important Pandora is to the Navi people, he changed his mind from agreeing to bulldoze the place. However, the soldiers and the members of the expedition were still committed to destroy the whole place. The colonel even told Jake how he has betrayed his own kind because he switched side with the Na’vi people for realizing how bad their intentions were to this tribe. He realized that they were not the only ones who can live peacefully and that some other creatures need respect too. Especially on the part where the soldiers attacked the Pandora. They did not think about the casualty they can make. All they thought about was their interest. Neytiri’s father died, which played a very significant role in the tribe since he was the leader. The other part where the Navi people seemed like more humans than the real humans were when they showed cooperation in the tribe. All respect one another and they follow rules in order to maintain peace and order in the community. Furthermore, they respect their environment and they show gratitude to their mother nature which they also called Eywa. Unlike the humans, they do not take care of their environment and they do not think about others. They only think about themselves and nothing more. The free will is also important as shown in the film. Freedom is a given gift to every living person. It is human’s decisions that shape their own lives. In the film, Jake chose to continue the journey of his brother, and not only that, he also chose Neytiri as his girl when they made a vow on the tree. In addition, Jake’s life decision to stay in the Pandora was a very big decision since he chose to live with the Navi people and gave up his life on Earth. He chose to be somewhere where he felt freer from limitations and sadness. In relations to freedom and free will, decision and choice making were also essential lessons from the movie. As Jake chose to live there, he realized how his choice could change his whole life. Not only in physical form, but also in his perspective in life. Pandora and Earth surely have some similarities but there are a lot of differences too. Aside from that, his choice too to betray his own kind and switch to the side of the Navi people also brought significant consequences not only to him but also to those around him. Many died from both parties, and his decision affected these.

My favorite part of the film was when Jake and Neytiri made a vow under the tree. There, Neytiri told Jake that he might choose a woman. Jake immediately said that he has already chosen but that woman must also choose him too. Without any second thought, Neytiri chose him too to be her man. This became striking for me since this was the time when the two chose each other and this was the time when both of them established a pact and trust to each other. After all the adventures and mischiefs they have gone through, they finally realized how they felt towards each other. It was not just about the feelings they felt, but also the decision they made. They trusted each other and gave themselves to each other too.

Basically, the film wanted to emphasize that trust is an important element in human’s life. Without trust, friendship and other relationships cannot be possible. One must learn to value the trust someone has given him/her too because once it is destroyed, it can no longer be turned back into its original form. Another moral from the film is how important choices are in our lives. It is the foundation of the road we are going to take; it has a significant effect in the lives of everyone around us too. The decisions we make are not only reflective in our lives, but also in other people’s lives too.