DLSU No Impact Experiment (Eco- Awareness)

Eco awareness month 

The experiment that my university conducted was a success for me. In fact, I was expecting something like that when I first entered my school. I am a person who wanted to contribute to the environment because I know that I will benefit from it too when I practice small steps on how to be eco-friendly.


The activities that are introduced in the experiments were easy for me since I have been practicing them daily. It was a fun thing to do as well when I took pictures if myself doing those activities because I can record my activities and remember it. the when I took the online pre-experiment survey, I find it familiar with my activities because like I said, I am used to do those simple stuff. After accomplishing all the activities, I took the post experiment survey and realized that there are things that I did not know before. I became more aware of my actions and surroundings. Before, I do not notice how wasteful I was in using water especially when I was brushing my teeth or taking a bath. Moreover, I was delighted to say that I became a part of the big change pioneered by the university.


My first picture shows my hand turning off the switch of the light that was not in use. I realized that it consumes great amount of electricity so it is advisable to turn off the lights that are not in use. My second picture shows recycled paper bag from a store. Instead of using plastic for my belongings, I preferred to use paper bags so that I can use them again or if they are not useful anymore, I can dispose it in the biodegradable section. The third picture shows me (hehe) walking instead of taking jeepneys or pedicabs. i personally like walking because it serves as my daily exercise. The fourth picture shows me throwing the trash I saw in the hallway of my dorm. I did not mind if it was not mine. It was easy. All I needed to do was to pick it up and throw it in the trash bin just outside the room. Next is the water tumbler. Instead of buying bottled water that can contribute to the consumption of plastic, I preferred to bring my own tumbler in school so that I can refill it whenever I want. Next is the healthy food. Mixed veggies with egg is the best option in eco awareness month! It is not only yummy but healthy as well! The last picture on the lower corner is me resting in the last day of the experiment, the eco-sabbath day. It was the best day ever since I freed myself from stress and anxiety.


The experiment was so much fun! I realized that I can make a change even in the smallest way. It can contribute to the larger scale and I also realized that I must not stop doing it. eco-awareness week must be every week!


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